Barb is a designer with a passion for learning and a curiosity to discover

Passion + curiosity + experience =
a designer ready to help build trust with your customers.

Barb Rowan portrait

Master of print and web-based communications

The teams we assemble are nimble and skillful at integrating your print and web-based formats. Guided by a sincere interest in your success, you will enjoy the value of senior-level curiosity and genuine good service. Depending on the support you need, Barb teams with writers, editors, proofreaders, photographers, videographers, developers and other specialized professionals.

Live and learn in balance

As well as contracting with small business clients, Barb has held roles in-house as a senior graphic designer, art director and studio manager for corporations, design and marketing firms, and nonprofits, such as Gib Black Group, PATH, Bellevue College, PEMCO and Teague.

Barb has taken the Design Can Change pledge, an initiative to lighten or eliminate the environmental impact of design decisions. She shares her north Portland home with Simon the cat and when not working on client projects, you may find her in the garden, on a walk, at a yoga class or at the movies.

Call 206-941-0840 or email. Barb would love to hear about your project.