Be part of the creative team

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First things first: Define the team, roles and responsibilities.

Second: Good teamwork comes from respecting each member and building trust. When all members are accountable for their tasks, the work shines and the team thrives. It’s a joint effort—a chain reaction—of care about the project, its quality, timeliness and meeting shared goals. Clients, as well as every professional assigned, are an integral part of every team.

Read about our Working Agreement for clients.

To maximize creative collaboration, the following are essential

  • A shared understanding of the grand purpose
  • A reliable communication system
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Sufficient team planning and brainstorming in open discussion
  • Respect and honor for each other and the project
  • Focus on strengths of each team member

I created the images below (a happy accident of “L” words) to illustrate the essentials of teamwork.



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