Thoughtful design contributes to trust

Barb believes the quality of the collaboration between business owner and designer has no limits. This collaboration relies on your help, availability and transparency.

Our foundation

Barb Rowan Design is founded on building and reinforcing the trust between you and your customers. By delivering authentic communication, our work together can boost your confidence and enrich your culture and profits. Our collaboration can bring up better options than could ever be conceived on our own.

Our dedication to learning

Because design is used and consumed by people, we are constantly learning new things. The cross-cultural universal principals of design, based on human interaction and evidence, guides our solutions.

Our service

We believe that clarity in our communications can lead to a greater efficiency and understanding throughout our projects together. Our Blog is written to help small business owners feel more informed about the design process.

Our gratitude

Thanks to all my clients, past and present, who have shown great courage and commitment to their design projects. The quality and trust in these relationships is the reward for the deep work design requires.

The seduction with design continues.