The Meticulous Type

Casey Decker, aka The Meticulous Type, has been writing and editing throughout her careers as an editor and former attorney. Casey is dedicated to nurturing clear, resonant writing while respecting each writer’s voice and style.

Casey knew the qualities of her previous website that she wanted to retain when we started the design project. The brand identity collaboration helped her envision a new visual and tonal possibility in a mobile-friendly site. It immediately communicates her expert sense of organization and clarity with a touch of humor. Web editing by Casey Decker.

Services provided

  • Logo design by Kyle Nielsen
  • Brand element consulting: colors, typography and imagery
  • Content management
  • Project management
  • Responsive web design for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • WordPress training

I had the pleasure of working with Barb Rowan when I needed to revamp my business website and more clearly establish my brand identity. Her creativity, technical knowledge, sensitivity, and patience made this collaborative process a breeze. I now have a website that reflects my brand and that one viewer described as “sparkling.” Barb also trained me on how to update my website, a technical skill I was sorely lacking. I happily recommend Barb Rowan for all your design needs! —Casey Decker