Accepting this agreement means that the Client has given the Designer (Barb Rowan Design) approval to provide design support on projects spelled out for the period stated in the Estimate for the fee proposed—the Retainer.

Our collaboration and scheduling

Retainer agreements are made available only when the Designer and Client demonstrate a history of successful collaboration. Scheduling of work is prioritized to promote the Client’s business goals and take advantage of the hours available in the Retainer. Monthly tasks will be discussed in an email at the end of each month for the next month’s assignments. The first month’s tasks will be agreed upon at the beginning of the Retainer.

Tasks and communication are normally attended to during weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and all communications with the Client are tracked on the Retainer.

Retainer definition is contained in the Estimate

During the Retainer period, the Designer has agreed to commit the number of hours in the Estimate every month on design-related tasks and support that will be determined by Client and/or spelled out in the Estimate.

When paying for these services, it will be made directly to the Designer billed on the first of every month and due within 15 days. The invoice will be reoccurring for the time period agreed upon in the Estimate.

If the Retainer hours are not used by the Client, there will be no rollover of unused hours.

The Retainer may be canceled by either the Client or the Designer with 30 days notice in writing.

Design support is available beyond the retainer

If the Retainer hours are exceeded within a month, design services will be available at $100 per hour and billed separately. Other expenses apart from normal overhead are not included in the Retainer agreement and payment for them will be done separately. Examples of these expenses might include: image license purchases, delivery services, or web development costs. Other examples are spelled out in 3. Fees and Charges.

Our Working Agreement provides a framework during the Retainer

This Retainer agreement caps the monthly invoice amount at a specific number of hours and cost associated with specific tasks for the Client. Our Working Agreement still provides a framework for success in all other aspects of our work together and is an extension of the Retainer Agreement.