Use one publishing tool well and watch your content multiply!

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Recently I met with a couple of my colleagues and discovered that we shared the same professional challenge.

Many of our clients put a ton of effort into writing and publishing e-newsletters, and none of this information is being archived on their websites.

  • Visitors not on their mailing list (or followers on social) never see it
  • Search engines never scan it for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • These wonderful stories, tips, events, and accomplishments disappear into the email inbox river—and the current is strong against being read at all!

Often the same clients are underusing their blogs. Blogs can be intimidating, true. But wouldn’t it be great if you could save time, reduce anxiety about producing relevant content and gain readership at the same time?

Isn’t it time to start using your blog as the content archive for your e-newsletters and social media posts—and multiply your impact? It’s a shift in strategy that will reduce the duplication of effort, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy that extra time saved.

Always write the blog post first, then e-newsletters and social

Blogs are good for building credibility, trust, and creating depth and personality

  • Anyone who comes to your website can read it—your website is your communication hub
  • Search engines love blog posts, especially single-topic posts
  • They automatically get archived by date and category
  • Anyone can share it with others and/or comment
  • You can share it on social sites with a simple intro and link
  • You can talk about it in your e-newsletter!
  • You can refer specific people to posts for further information
  • You can link to the post within your site for further or related information

E-newsletters and social are for mailing lists and followers; they are good for

  • Sharing with your friends by email or social who are interested in the content
  • Rewarding your VIP (follower list) with special offers or promote an exclusive event
  • Sharing information about benefits or a reminder that you exist for them
  • A recap of recent blog posts that may interest your VIP (follower list)
  • Sharing a specific blog post with a segment of your VIP (follower list)

Relationship between blogs and e-newsletters

Put the emphasis on the right medium: your blog!

  • Get more sharing
  • Build more credibility
  • Gain more attention from search engines
  • Ease up effort spent generating unique posts on e-newsletters and social media profiles

Write e-newsletter and social media worthy blog posts

Make a list of topics that are on-brand and of interest to your audience and commit to a schedule of publishing single-topic blog posts. Then create snippets or summaries on your e-newsletter rather than full-length articles! E-newsletters and social media updates don’t always have to be about your blog posts, but if you are blogging on relevant topics, why wouldn’t they be a major portion?

As long as your content is interesting and well targeted, your readers will:

  • Read more often
  • Learn more about you
  • Share more often

In short, you’ll get more traffic to your site with less effort using these publishing tools together.

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