What is a brand identity?

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Your brand is your customer’s gut feeling and memory about your company. So how exactly does your brand identity fit in? When you can’t be there in real life to guide and influence them, the brand identity reminds your customers who you are and what you stand for, and it appeals to their emotions and needs. You can never know what exactly they see and when, so a consistently high-quality brand identity is the key to being remembered.

I could cite a number of studies that captured the responses of ordinary people encountering a certain quality of communication and how they trusted it more than something of lesser quality. I can spout off about consistency and how producing familiar-looking communication is one of the most important ways to build customer loyalty.

But I don’t have to, because when you encounter a well-designed brand identity, it’s easy, it’s credible and it makes perfect sense to you.

It’s a little harder to craft one for yourself.

A weak or irrelevant brand identity falls flat, as would the performance of an actor on stage who delivers their lines without intention.

How does your brand identity stack up? Is it well-balanced, familiar and consistently satisfying to experience? Call me for a brand identity review, and I can help set some quick priorities to get back on track. 206-941-0840, or email.

Now is a good time to start making it easy for your customers to know exactly who you are.


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  1. Sylvester L. Glover
    October 22, 2015

    Hey Barb,

    Love the post! We should get together for coffee and chat. I need a brand logo.



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