What most small business clients need

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Timely, consistent design gets strong results.

Barb Rowan Design clientMeet Gemma, a small business owner. She works hard and has a loyal following. Last week, James, one of her employees, told her about a website he thought she should see—a competitor’s.

When she saw it, she realized HER website was woefully outdated. It didn’t represent the standards she had worked so hard to uphold and was not mobile-friendly. The next day, she asked a few people what they thought about her website—and their answers confirmed her fears. She wanted to create something that felt authentic and appealing, but how?

Gemma found herself standing at a crossroads, confused by the technical jargon and multitude of options. Two months later, she was still trying to sort it out. She was typically efficient and productive, but this project was difficult to organize. How could websites vary in price so dramatically? Who could she trust?

The following week, she was referred to us. Within two weeks, she was able to identify her business values and what kind of website would be meaningful to her customers. Together, we agreed on tasks, a timeline and a budget that became the project road map.

Three months later, Gemma had a new website that she was proud to promote. It’s mobile-friendly, which is a new search preference of Google’s. (Read what Wired says in this 4/21/15 post.) Her customers were pleased too, because she gave them the information they needed in order to make decisions easily. As a result, customers shared her updates on social media and referred her more often.

Gemma now has a trusted source for design, content and technical guidance. She learned something valuable about what it takes to be authentic. Her business is growing at a comfortable pace.

Gemma is a delightful client and collaborator.

[Gemma is a fictional mash-up of many of my favorite clients—past and present.]

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