What’s actionable feedback?

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A big part of the design process is to consider options.

If you work regularly with designers and writers, maybe you already give actionable feedback that’s productive to the process. We very much appreciate it. I hope these examples help you understand how important it is to our collaboration.

Here are the good, bad and outrageous examples for real life

Project goal and context: what do we want to happen?

  • Actionable: we want people to call us first—please adjust the placement of the phone number.
  • Not actionable: awesome, fantastic!

Project goal and context: who we are talking to?

  • Actionable: we’ve decided to include ages 55–75 in our audience. Based on their feedback, increase the text size 10 percent.
  • Not actionable: my wife doesn’t care for blue-green—I know it’s our brand color but change it.

Project goal and context: how we are talking to the audience?

  • Actionable: option B is very close, but the font may not be our brand font. Can you check?
  • Not actionable: can it be more edgy?

Project goal and context: why should the audience give a rip?

  • Actionable: can you add our new tagline to option C? It helps communicate the benefits stated later in that section.
  • Not actionable: I’m not a designer, but please center everything. I’m underwhelmed.

Project goal and context: our approach

  • Actionable: option A meets our message goals, but I’d like to see more brand humor in the call to action.
  • Not actionable: I know I missed my deadline for feedback, but Houston we have a problem.

Project goal and context: the no-brainers to include

  • Actionable: I think it would be critical to include our social icons and social sharing in this context.
  • Not actionable: work your magic—you know what I want.

Here’s a takeaway

Writers and designers are humans too. Be kind and specific.





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